Fridays on the Fly | 5 Fly Fishing Podcasts You Need to Subscribe To Today

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The world of podcasting is vast and growing constantly. These days it seems like just about everyone with a passion and a microphone has taken to their garage to wax poetic for anyone with the time and interest required to listen.

Fly fishing is no exception. Check out these 5 popular fly fishing podcasts, and stayed entertained (and educated) next time you’re staring down an hour and half drive on your way to the nearest headwaters.

1. The Itinerant Angler

With a loyal following that dates back a decade, The Itinerant Angler is one of the most listened to fly fishing podcasts out there. It was founded by Zach Matthews, also  the Southeast Field Editor for Fly Fisherman magazine, back in 2006 and continues to hook new listeners with its useful, industry-savvy content.


Listen to an episode of The Itinerant Angler here!

2. The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast with Tom Rosenbauer

With more than 40 years of fly fishing under his belt, Tom Rosenbauer might know the sport better than anyone. Listen in as he spills the secrets behind one of the most successful and well-travelled fly fishing careers in the industry.


To listen to the Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast click here!

3. Anchored with April Vokey

April Vockey burst onto the fly fishing scene back in 2007 with the founding of Fly Gal Ventures. Since then she has continued to dedicate her life’s work to the sport and now hosts “an uncensored podcast series dedicated to archiving the stories and personalities from some of fly-fishing’s most influential people.”

april vokey

Listen to the most recent episode of Anchored with April Vokey here! 

4. The Tenkara Cast

Tenkara is an age old Japanese fishing method that is quickly gaining popularity in the United States. Its minimalist nature (unlike traditional fly fishing Tenkara requires only a fly, line, and rod) endears it to novices and seasoned pros alike. The Tenkara Cast podcast features the musings of Daniel Galhardo, who founded Tenkara USA back in 2007 and has been instrumental in facilitating its rapid spread ever since.

5. The Open Fly

Billed as a podcast for “nymphers, strippers, and swingers”, this lighthearted series is hosted by Washington state-based fly fishing veterans Evan Burk, Kirk Werner, and Derek Young. It touches on everything from guide interviews and conservation issues to listener questions and more “spontanious topics pertaining to but not limited to instructional tips, gear discussion, and bacon.” Enjoy!


Listen to the latest episode of the The Open Fly here!

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