Fly Fishing

Fly fishing guides, news, and information on the small streams and big rivers of the Southeast. Trout, bass, musky, and panfish all catch a line here in the Blue Ridge, and we’ve got the skinny on everything you’ll need to hook ’em. Get gear, make plans, and find rivers here.

Wesley Hodges Fly Fishing

Fridays on the Fly: Wes Hodges’ Proper Etiquette For Fishing With Guides

Intro by Justin Forrest, words by Wes Hodges Fishing with a guide in new waters is one of the best ways to learn about an area, catch some fish, and make new friends. Guiding is one of the noblest professions in the world if you ask me. It takes years of dedication to the craft,…
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Edward Hill Fisher Guiding

Fridays on the Fly: How Two High School Friends Are Changing Fishing

Originally from Charlottesville, Va., Edward Hill and Luke Campbell are changing the way the world books fishing trips. After miserable experiences trying to book guided fishing trips, Edward Hill, CEO and founder of Fisher Guiding, decided it was time for a change. A lifelong fisherman, Hill left his job working in public policy in Washington…
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Fridays on the Fly: Not Your Average ’92 Ford

Like it or not, if you live an outdoor lifestyle, you have a certain appreciation for a well designed offroad vehicle. When I first saw this 1992 Ford F150, designed and built by OGRE in Pisgah Forest, I fell in love. Now, I’m a Toyota guy through and through, but I’m also a fishing guy,…
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All In a Day’s Work

By Ellen Kanzinger | 11 Sep 19

Nakiesha Bridgers leads a trip on the river. How did outdoor professionals get their start? As more people are headed outside, outdoor recreation is increasingly an economic factor for towns and states across our region. Virginia just became the fifteenth state to establish an Office of Outdoor Recreation. In its most recent report, the Bureau…

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Reeling and Healing

By Shannon McGowan | 23 Aug 19

It’s easy to understand the appeal of fly fishing to nature lovers. The meditative repetition of casting and reeling while standing in the midst of serene wildlife brings much-needed peace and escape from our fast-paced reality.  But something that isn’t as easy to understand is cancer. The emotional toll it brings upon its victims and…

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Leading the Charge

By Addie Oldham + Ellie Bowen | 14 Aug 19

Photo of Lauren Hughes by Tyler Allen Meet 16 Young Athletes and Outdoor Entrepreneurs who are changing the face of Adventure  In a time where our environment faces threats from every angle, it is encouraging to learn that not all hope is lost. We searched high and low for young environmentalists, athletes, musicians, and outdoors…

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Two Guppies Go Fly Fishing

By Road Team | 19 Jul 19

The Live Outside and Play Road Team try fly fishing with Tenkara USA rods.

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Happy Birthday West Virginia!

By BRO Admin | 20 Jun 19

Every year on June 20th, the Mountain State celebrates a very special day – its birthday! This year West Virginia is turning 156 years old. How much do you know about the east coast’s best-kept secret? West Virginia is home to… Nearly 50 state parks and forests. Outdoor adventure of all kinds can be found all…

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Hometown Heroes

By Ellen Kanzinger | 05 Jun 19

Locals reveal their favorite spots for in-town adventure It’s five o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon. You want to get outside after a long day of work or classes, but you don’t have the time to drive two hours to your favorite hike or crag. Athletes and adventurers from across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast show us…

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Back in Session: Video

By Jessica Wiegandt | 13 Apr 19

“Back in Session” has been an ongoing project of mine at Brevard College. When I was a sophomore, a couple of faculty members asked if I’d want to make a BANFF film about the school. My degrees at Brevard College are Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education (WLEE) and Journalism, and I was able to combine…

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No Experience Necessary

By Ellen Kanzinger | 11 Apr 19

Learn how to craft a fishing rod, build a bike, fashion a knife, weave baskets, and test your outdoor skills.  With a quick search online, you can find guides and classes for just about any outdoor activity. You can learn how to mountain bike, rock climb, roll a kayak, or fish for trout from masters…

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Six Women Who Are Revolutionizing the World of Fly Fishing

By Travis Hall | 20 Mar 19

Meet six women who are rocking the boat and revolutionizing the sport.

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Know the Spot

By Tim Poland | 19 Mar 19

The comfort of home waters for fly fishing companions   “I will go to the bank by the wood and become undisguised and naked, I am mad for it to be in contact with me.” –Walt Whitman After the ragged edges of winter have worn smooth and spring begins to unfold along the Blue Ridge,…

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