Alexis Newby

Trail name: Heat Wave

Occupation: wilderness expedition therapy

Home: Lafayette, In.

Age: 29

“I think there’s a healing power in nature, for sure. I think I’m a nicer, better person when I spend more time outside. There’s so many unexpected things that you find when you’re hiking. I found this on the PCT and so far I’ve found it here: Hikers, and the people surrounding the hiking community just kind of restores my faith in people. It’s just, it’s all good. People are friendly, they’re caring, and you’ll never go without. The trail always provides whatever you might need. Or even the things you think you don’t need but you do. The last trail I did, I hoped to find direction and purpose and stuff, and, uh, I didn’t. I just found a love of hiking. I’m just out here again, the same idea, right? It’s to find something I wanna do after this, something maybe a little more permanent or lasting. That would be the hope. Experience has shown that it won’t happen. But I’ll have a great time in the meantime.”