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All it took was $500 and a dream.

That’s what The Nouveaux Honkies – Tim O’Donnell and Rebecca Dawkins – plunked down on a beat up RV and, six months and much elbow grease later, the Americana duo from Florida was on the road full time in their own home on wheels.

Rebecca and Tim have been playing music together since 2005 and were married in 2013. This month marked the release of their latest record, Blues For Country, a project that was, ultimately, borne from the inspiration drawn from the duo’s travels across American’s highways.

With the holiday season squarely upon us, I recently caught up with Tim O’Donnell to talk turkey.

BRO – Does your RV have enough room to cook a killer Thanksgiving dinner?

TO – Last year, we were in Dallas for Thanksgiving with our buddy Coleman and another RV’er named Julie. We don’t have an oven, so I cooked a turkey in Coleman’s oven, but all the sides were made in the RV. I do make a wicked smoked turkey. The kitchen is small, but last fall we had an after show party in Colorado and I whipped up tacos for about twenty people.

BRO – Favorite Thanksgiving memory from your childhood?

TO – I had Thanksgiving dinner with some friends from Trinidad. It was Caribbean food with lobster and oxtail and a bunch of stuff I wasn’t sure what it was. This giant dog started humping this girl and everyone just kinda watched and laughed. My mom brought a crackhead home one year, too.

BRO – What one food item are you looking forward to eating tomorrow?

TO – I am chowing some chorizo cornbread stuffing. Rebecca wants my taters.

BRO – Something for which you are incredibly thankful?

TO – We can’t believe we live this life. We are completely thankful for being able to do what we love and to do this together. All the people we get to meet, the people that help us out on the road, and our fans. We are thankful we get to make people smile. It’s overwhelming.

BRO – What’s the perfect record to listen to while cooking Thanksgiving dinner?

TO – I get down with Captain Beefheart’s Safe As Milk. Rebecca puts up with it because I am cooking.

The Nouveaux Honkies have a string of dates throughout Florida between now and the end of December. Tonight they are in Stuart at The Deck. Friday and Saturday nights will find them in Jupiter.

For more information on tour dates and how you can get a copy of the new record, surf over to the band’s website.



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