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A Map to the Fish

I recently discovered something cool when looking for a place to take my dad fishing: the WNC Fly Fishing Trail, the first and only fly fishing trail in the U.S. The trail is actually a guide to 15 different spots for catching brook, brown, and rainbow trout, all of which sit inside the Smoky Mountains and Jackson County, near Sylva. You’ll find beta on small streams like Moses Creek, which runs below the southern-most stretch of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Panthertown Creek inside Panthertown Valley (the Yosemite of the East), and even Raven Fork, a trophy water near Cherokee that produces 30-inch trout.

Of course, even with a detailed map to the trout, there’s no guarantee I’ll be able to catch any of the fish. I’ve learned to make peace with my mediocrity as an angler. But at least having a map like the WNC Fly Fishing Trail will mean I’ll be standing in the right streams while not catching fish.

Go here for more information about the trail.

WNC Fly Fishing Trail



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