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All the Pretty Horses

The southeastern chapter of the Kentucky Humane Society and coal company Sequoia Energy are disputing over whether or not a pack of wild horses should be relocated off of a former surface mining site.

Sequoia Energy wants to move the horses off the land, so that the company’s reclamation efforts can take effect. The horses have been grazing on and destroying the vegetation that the company has planted as part of their federally-mandated restoration of such mining sites. However, the Harlan County Humane Society, who leased the land to the coal company, feels differently and demands that the horses be allowed to stay on the land.

Problems with grazing animals are not unusual in these situations, but most of the time, the landowners pose no opposition to their removal. Although Sequoia Energy will be held accountable for the slow-reclamation progress, the Humane Society remains adamant, saying that this is the horses’ home. The issue may even go to court.

What do you think? Horses, yea or “neigh”?

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