Always Strapped

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Think there isn’t any good snowboarding in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast? Think again. A small group of boarders out of Morgantown, W.Va. spent all winter filming their shenanigans in the parks of Wisp and Seven Springs as well as off the slopes in the town of Morgantown to produce the short film “Always Strapped.” WVU freshman Josh Zerkel did the filming and editing, much of which takes place during a two-week period when West Virginia was in a state of emergency because there was too much snow.

“The police were busy pulling cars out of ditches, so we could ride anywhere in town,” Zerkel says. “We loaded our packs with camera gear and hit spot after spot for two weeks straight.”

Watch “Always Strapped” and marvel at two things: 1) how talented Zerkel and his cohorts are. 2) How innovative they’ve become. Car tow-ins, backyard slopestyle courses, neighborhood street slalom runs…if there’s snow, these kids will ride it. It’s nice to see.

Always Strapped Full Movie from Josh Zerkel on Vimeo.

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