Appalachian Vacation: Baseball and the Perfect Spring Beer

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My kids are on Spring Break this week, and while most of their friends are off on world class vacations like Disney World or visiting Europe or New York City, we decided to take a different approach with our kids’ time off from school. We’re calling it our “Appalachian Vacation.” Think mountain hikes, swimming holes, cheesy water parks and baseball. Lots of baseball.

I gave up on major league baseball a long time ago, right about the time in the late ‘90s when pro players went on strike because of a salary cap dispute. I get it; the insurance on a Ferrari is ridiculously expensive. But the strike left a bad taste in my mouth so I stopped following MLB for years. But now my son is playing little league for the first time and both my kids have developed a passion for the minor league team in our home town. So, baseball is back in my life in a big way.

Luckily, New Belgium has created the perfect Spring baseball beer: Dayblazer Easygoing Ale, a blonde ale that’s so easy to drink it’s poised to replace PBR, Budweiser and the like. It’s just 4.8% and tastes like, well, baseball. It tastes like summer in the South: mowing the grass and floating the river. They even package it in massive 24-ounce cans. In the last week, Dayblazer has become the official beer of our Appalachian Vacation, pairing perfectly with boiled peanuts and mysterious rashes born from the water park. I’m thinking it’ll go just as well with mountain bike rides and swimming hole hikes. With any luck, Dayblazer will carry me all the way through baseball season into preseason football.



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