Go OutsideBanff Baby!

Banff Baby!

Want to know how I can tell it’s spring? It’s not the song birds, or snow melt. Not the warming temperatures or daffodils blooming in my front yard. It’s the return of Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Every year, a new batch of films documenting epic sea kayaking adventures, mountaineering, rock climbing, backcountry skiing, and paragliding off Everest come to town, and every year, I sit in a dark auditorium and watch film after film of amazing people doing amazing things. Somehow, these films manage to inspire me and make me feel like a loser at the same time. Seriously, why haven’t I paddled across the Atlantic Ocean yet? I’m 33, what am I waiting for?

Check out the dates of this roving adventure porn tour and see for yourself just how soft core you are. Find out more at Banff.

Banff Remaining Tour Dates 


Boone: March 26, 27

High Point: March 28


Baltimore: March 30

Emmitsburg: April 24


Greenville: March 26, 27


Knoxville: March 29


Morgantown: April 8

Places to Go, Things to See: