Go OutsideBears, Oh My

Bears, Oh My

Just a few hundred feet and we were at an intersecting trail. We decided to go around the other side of the mountain and down, rather than doubling back into pressed luck. Once we were around the corner we sped up and enjoyed a long descent of rock hops, jumps and narrow turns, winding us faster away from the lumbering forest hosts.

I could hear Ben ahead of me, so when the sound came from behind me, it took me by surprise. I whipped my head around and began pulling over to the side of the trail, expecting a furry police officer, when instead it was just a guy on a bike. I was relieved, annoyed, pissed and ashamed all at once. How dare he catch me?! I was just minding my own business, flying along, ignoring the brakes and catching air like any happy 10-year-old. Then again, that’s what guys do when they see a girl in the woods – they’ve gotta pass you so they can sleep at night. Mostly I thought it was funny and was very relieved that it wasn’t a bear. It seems I would have heard a bear moving that fast, but then again, that IS their job.


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