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Beer Blog: Monday Night Beer Mile

The Monday Night Mile

So, how fast can you run…and drink a beer…and run again…

The Beer Mile is one of the greatest athletic challenges of modern times, wherein a runner drinks a beer, runs a lap around a track, drinks a beer…until four beers and four laps are completed. Respectable Beer Mile times are in the double digits (it takes a looong time to chug a beer when you’re out of breath), but the World Record was recently broken by James Nielson, a runner living in California who ran his Beer Mile in an astonishing 4:57.

The only thing more impressive than his running pace was his beer chugging time, which only took him a matter of seconds per beer. Quick off the heels of this record breaking feat, the first ever Beer Mile World Championships has been set for this fall in Austin, Texas. $5,000 is on the line for the winner.

The race will likely see comers from all over the country. Monday Night Brewing Company, in Atlanta, is staging their own mass beer mile, asking 500 people to show up to drink beer and run in the name of charity. As a bonus, Monday Night makes some of the best beer in Atlanta.

I’m not sure what beer they’ll have for runners to drink at every quarter mile, I hope it’s not their Blind Pirate, a double IPA that comes in at 8.2% ABV. That wouldn’t be pretty.

The brewery has a knack for staging fun events. Last February, they organized a full contact football game where everyone was dressed in three-piece suits. Classic.

Check out the video about the Monday Night Mile below. How fast can you run…and drink…and run?

Visit http://mondaynightbrewing.com for more info.

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