Go OutsideBeer Blog: Pisgah Pale Ale Gets Canned

Beer Blog: Pisgah Pale Ale Gets Canned

I do most of my drinking in my house. Or out in the middle of the woods. Or on the beach. Or at the playground while I’m watching my kids. Or sitting on the back of a pickup truck in a field somewhere. Or on a ski lift. Point is, I don’t go to bars that often. I have nothing against bars—I met some of my best friends in bars. But who has the time to visit the local watering hole, what with all the playground watching/skiing/sitting on back of pickup trucks that I do.

The only thing I really miss by not frequenting bars is the chance to drink super local beers that aren’t distributed much further than my hometown. Beers like Pisgah Pale Ale. Pisgah Pale (or P-Squared, if you like) is one of the beers that has helped propel Asheville to Beer City fame over the last several years, but it’s typically only found on draft. Occasionally, you can find a big bomber of Pisgah Pale, but most of the time, you have to belly up to the bar to drink it.

Until now.

Pisgah Brewing is set to release their flagship Pisgah Pale in cans. Can you hear the angels singing? I can. Distribution will still be centered around Asheville and the surrounding towns, but if you’re willing to make the trip, you can take sixers of Pisgah Pale home with you (hint: it’s totally worth the gas money) starting January 10th.

Wait, that’s today! Happy Pisgah In the Can Day!


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