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Beer Blog: Sierra Nevada Christmas Jam Session Ale

It’s that time of year again. The leaves have fallen, there’s a nip in the air, children are making their Christmas lists, and their parents are training for the annual Warren Haynes Christmas Jam (Dec. 13-14, Asheville, N.C.).

If you’re not familiar with this Yuletide tradition, guitar guru Warren Haynes (of Government Mule, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers fame) gathers dozens of his jam band friends to take over Asheville’s largest venue for roughly 48 hours straight. Seriously, it’s a marathon show that will test your strength and endurance. The key is to stay hydrated.

Enter Sierra Nevada’s Christmas Jam Session Ale. Typically, Asheville Brewing Company whips up the limited release beer to celebrate the shin dig, but this year, ABC collaborated with Sierra Nevada. Asheville Brewing provided the recipe, Sierra Nevada did the brewing. The result is a hoppy, but easy drinking ale with a low ABV (4.5). It’s more fruity and floral than bitter, and incredibly drinkable. In other words, perfect for a marathon jam session with 45 minute drum solos. Hydrate people, hydrate.

The best part? Proceeds from the Christmas Jam Ale sales go to Habitat for Humanity. Pick it up in 22 ounce bottles. Lots of 22 ounce bottles.

Check out the Christmas Jam here:

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