Beer Blog: Stuff Your Stockings with These Christmas Beers

Stuff Your Stockings With Beer

You think Christmas is just about giving battery operated vacuum cleaners and underwear? Think again. Christmas is about beer.

Okay, it’s about Jesus Christ, but it’s also about beer. This is the time of year that breweries throw everything they have into the pot and whip up some of the boldest, most striking brews of the year. Christmas beers are malty. They’re high alcohol. Sometimes they’re spicy. And they’re usually damned good (if you don’t drink too many of them).

Here are five Christmas beers from Southern craft breweries that should go in your stocking this year.

Starr Hill – The Gift

A helles bock that’s a little bit hoppy from start to finish, but maintains all sort of fun malty sweetness as well. It’s creamy too.

Sweetwater – Festive Ale

A winter warmer that bangs home toffee and chocolate before unleashing a barrage of holiday spices on your tongue. Oh yeah, there’s cinnamon in there. And alcohol too. 

Heavy Seas – Winter Storm

Hopsity hops hops hops. This strong ale is dominated by floral hops notes thanks the dry hopping technique (not to be confused with dry humping).

Blue Mountain – Blitzen

Yes, that’s a drunk reindeer on the label. Yes, this sweet, Belgian dark ale will also put you on your back if you get too carried away with it (7% abv). Plus, it’s fun to pop beer corks like champagne bottles. 

Catawba Brewing – King Winterbolt

This canned beer goes deep into malty sweetness before being pulled back onto the balance beam with Sorachi Ace and Cascade hops.

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