I’m in the Mood for Thai

It’s rare that my wife and I see eye to eye. I like science fiction television heavy on half-naked women. She likes documentaries. I like Chinese food, preferably eaten by the pound from a buffet, she likes $19 cheese plates.

Never is our relationship more contentious than when it comes to choosing a beer. She likes beers you put slices of oranges in. I’m a strictly “hold the fruit” kind of guy. So I was shocked when we were visiting Charleston recently and I bought a six pack of Westbrook Brewing White Thai. Westbrook takes a Southeast Asian spin on the standard Belgian witbier style (haters of fusion cuisine beware: it’s about to get weird) that substitutes the standard coriander and orange spices in witbiers with ginger and Sorachi Ace hops, a lemony hop variety developed by Japanese brewers in the ‘80s. Yeah. Ginger and lemon. Sounds weird but Westbrook doesn’t play a heavy hand with the spicing, so White Thai comes off as just a little bit different than other witbiers on the market.

My wife likes witbiers, I like different. Finally, something we can both agree on. Maybe I’m being hyperbolic, but finding a six pack of beer that we can both kick back and enjoy is better than marriage counseling. Well, it’s cheaper, anyway.

Thanks Westbrook.

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