Go OutsideBeer: So Good, You Could Bottle It

Beer: So Good, You Could Bottle It

So the calendar says it’s spring, and all the breweries are releasing their spring seasonals, but it’s snowing outside my window as I type this, and I don’t want to drink a light ale. I want something a bit heavier because, damn it, it’s still winter. It’s more winter now, than it was during winter. Case in point, the backpacking trip I was supposed to go on this week has been turned into a ski trip. Lucky for me, I like to ski.

Also lucky for me, one of my favorite local breweries has just started distributing in bottled six packs. Green Man Brewery, one of Asheville’s oldest purveyors of hops has begun bottling their IPA, ESB, and Porter. I’m always thrilled when an Asheville brewer decides to bottle or can their goodness and send it out into the world, like little ambassador’s of Asheville culture lining the shelves in Charlotte or Atlanta.

And the timing of Green Man’s bottle release couldn’t be better, because it’s cold as balls out and I want a porter, not a pale ale. I want to sit mostly naked in a hot tub while the snow falls on my head while drinking a malty, thick beer that tastes a little bit like chocolate covered bacon. Because it’s winter. No matter what the calendar says.

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