We are excited to announce that we have joined forces with our partner publication, Elevation Outdoors, to kick off a cobranded third season of the Live Outside and Play program (liveoutsideandplay.com). Blue Ridge Outdoors Travel Editor Jess Daddio, who has worked the program for the past two years, will be joined by teammate Adam Ritter. Together, Daddio and Ritter will represent the two magazines at 10 events in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states and 10 events across the state of Colorado. Blue Ridge Outdoors and Elevation Outdoors are partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry to facilitate this program, including title sponsor La Sportiva and supporting sponsors Mountain House, LifeStraw, Farm To Feet, DeLorme, ENO, IceMule Coolers, and Crazy Creek Products.

“The Live Outside and Play program is so much more than a festival tour,” says Daddio. “It’s about living simply and authentically, exploring new places, and engaging with outdoor communities and like-minded people. After living on the road in the Blue Ridge for the past two seasons, it will be exciting to venture west and experience the adventures our friends at Elevation Outdoors have been bragging about.”

Daddio’s and Ritter’s mission for season three of Live Outside and Play is twofold: engaging with the communities that recreate in and protect our natural resources and connecting those people to the brands that support and value an active outdoors lifestyle. Each month, Daddio and Ritter will collaborate with locals, businesses, and outdoor advocacy groups to go outside and play, culminating in 20 separate meet-ups throughout the seven-month tour.

To follow along on the Live Outside and Play journey and find out when the team will be near you, check out their Facebook page, Instagram handle, Twitter feed, and trip blog.

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