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Catch a Sunrise

Photo courtesy of Eric Albitz, http://www.ericalbitz.com/

Healthy Tip #35218: Catch a Sunrise

Set those early alarms, get the sleep out of your eyes, and follow this week’s healthy tip: Catch a Sunrise.

Getting up early always feels good, except the actual process of climbing out of that comfy sleeping bag or warm covers. Get past that first obstacle of physical movement and suddenly the day is yours. If you can manage to see the morning darkness disappear, you have a fresh start and ample sunlight to enjoy the first day in a life of many.

So crawl out of bed, stretch those sleepy-bones and shake things up a bit. For too many people, every day starts with obligations and hard work. Catch a sunrise and all those responsibilities can trail behind. Every day is an adventure; sleep can wait. Follow along and find fun in the sun, from sunrise to dawn and far, far beyond. Follow along as I try and quench that everlasting Adventure Thirst.

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