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Change It Up

Healthy Tip#: 32546: Makes Like the Leaves

This week’s healthy tip involves taking a tip from Mother Nature, to let that chlorophyll kick in, and do more than put on a colorful sweater; this week’s healthy tip is to change it up a bit.

Make like the leaves and change it up a bit, put a little variation to the usual, add a little color to your life. It is easy to make the daily routine a weekly thing, but just like the changing landscape outside, it is important to stay on your toes and mix it up a bit. Walk to work, catch a sunrise, eat at a new restaurant; do whatever it takes to get your routine-ridden bones stretched out a bit.

red leaves

Old dogs can learn new tricks. It takes a little time and patience, but most of all, learning new things involves taking that first step in a fresh direction. Try something new, try something that you have always been interested in, and just get out and try something, anything at all. The weather will never be better, the time more available, and better excuses will always come up. Consider it adjusting to the cold weather, but adding a different shade to your life will allow your true colors to show.

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