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Clips of the Week: March 1, 2013

Bike-heavy on clips this week, but what can I say? They’re the best. Check’em out below.

1. When Deer Attack

Reminiscent of this video, but hitting much closer to home is a clip of an unexpected race-day mishap caught on camera. Nature’s revenge? You be the judge.

2. Crazy Dude Does Crazy Downhill Crazy Fast

I will never tire of watching crazy-ass dudes bomb down crazy-ass downhill courses. Here is the latest from that expanding genre.

3. Is It On?

Not only a very cool ski video, but a great tutorial on how to make the most of your GoPro edit.

Salomon Freeski TV S6E11 – Not another GoPro edit from Salomon Freeski on Vimeo.

4. Going Solo

Back in the saddle for our final entry. This is a beautifully shot self edit from out in the woods and another great example of maximizing your edit when you’re all alone out there.

Aaron LaRocque – Prime Time on Pinkbike

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