In this weekly round up of outdoor adventure videos from across the inter-webs, you’ll find out why a young man with a good job and a steady paycheck decided to drop everything and ride his bike from Oregon to Patagonia. There’s also a cameo appearance by group of cave divers and an intriguing tale of high water and rough rapids on the Youghiogheny River. Enjoy!

Oregon to Patagonia, “Jed’s radical choice to quit his job and ride his bike across the world is a perfect challenge to the rest of us to get out of the routine and make some scary decisions.”

 “John Regan had his hiking boots in the back of his boat. He knew, with the Upper Yough at seven feet, surging and pulsing over rocks instead of around them, he’d spend as much time walking as he would boating that day.”

“The Dolinsjö Cave is a an underwater cave system that was discovered in 1979. Expedition Bjurälven is an annual expedition, exploring the depths of the cave. So far, the expedition has reached 1.7 kilometres into the cave, but noone knows how far it stretches.”