Our favorite web videos of the week that was:

1. Big Jim Whittaker and A Life Well Lived

American climbing legend Jim Whittaker – first ‘merican to summit Everest (but you already knew that), and his life, well-lived.

A Life Well Lived | Jim Whittaker & 50 Years of Everest from eric becker on Vimeo.

2. Fishin’ Ain’t Easy…Unless it is

Here is a nice little fly fishing video from a fly fishing school session from the Orvis store in Woodbridge, Va. Some nice fishing action and good pacing in this one.

3. On the Road

This trail for a short feature from Fitz Cahill has been making the rounds and getting attention from all over the web. The film was self shot by high-alpine climber Kyle Dempster on a solo, mountain bike driven climbing trip to the remote and unclimbed peaks of Kyrgyzstan.

4. Moose Vs. Truck

A truck hits a moose in Ontario, fireworks ensue….literally.

5. I Know It’s Summer, But…

Here is a trailer for the Appalachian Project. Not sure what it’s all about, but if Bruce Persinger is involved, it must be good.

Appalachian Project Trailer from Appalachian Boarder on Vimeo.