Clips of the Week: Shredding Snowflex, Dirt, the Ocoee and Standard Definition

It’s Clips of the Week! The best outdoor videos from around the web for the week that was:

1. Soggy Summer Shredding

We’ll kick off with some summer sideways shredding from the Liberty Snowflex Center. Great crash reel to begin and some uber stylie jibs the rest of the way. Snowboarding in August? Why not.

Soggy Carpet from Dillan Hodak on Vimeo.

2. Summer Dirt Shredding

This is a highlight vid from race two of the Snowshoe Gravity Series. Course looks….gnarly.

3. This is Backcountry…Advertising

But it’s still a pretty rad video. Epic clips of the best of the best doing what they do, in HD of course. Could do without the overwrought voiceover, but OMG that bow at 1:12!

4. Ocoee Festival

This is a video preview of what to expect at the upcoming Ocoee Festival over Labor Day Weekend. Looks like a blast.


These bears love to get down.

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