Go OutsideCrank Arm Brewing: It's a Rickshaw, It's a Brewery

Crank Arm Brewing: It’s a Rickshaw, It’s a Brewery

Crank Arm Brewing: It’s a rickshaw company, it’s a brewery. It’s a rickshaw company and a brewery.

Crank Arm Brewing Company opened a couple of weeks ago in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District, making it quite possibly the world’s first brewery/rickshaw company. Belly up to the tasting room bar for a White Wall Wit, or catch a ride through town with their full-fledge rickshaw company. They’ll also make local deliveries by rickshaw. I haven’t had the chance to sample the beer yet, but I love the ingenuity behind this concept. The owners of the brewery raised more than $40,000 through Kickstarter to turn their working rickshaw business into a brewery. Asheville gets a lot of credit for being Beer City, but Raleigh’s close on its mountain counter-part’s heels. Including Crank Arm, North Carolina’s capital has eight breweries. And one kick-ass rickshaw company. Not bad.

Crank Arm isn’t distributing widely yet. If you’re looking for another Raleigh beer to check out, get yourself a Sweet Josie Brown Ale, from Raleigh’s Lonerider Brewing Company.

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