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Crash Test Dummies

A new bill introduced in California would make ski helmets mandatory for all minors and employees at any resort in the state. Intrawest, the mega-corp that owns a network of resorts across the U.S., including Snowshoe Mountain Resort in West Virginia, enacted a similar policy at all of its resorts this season. Any kid involved in a school program is now required to wear a helmet, and helmets are included in youth equipment rentals. The company also “recommends” that all guests wear helmets at their resorts. A number of the larger Western resorts also have similar rules in place. After high-profile accidents like the recent Natasha Richardson tragedy, some skiers hypothesize that helmets will be mandatory for all skiers at most resorts within a few years.

I wear a helmet whenever I ski, but I’m not sure how I feel about mandatory head gear. If each resort wants to require helmets, that’s one thing, but a law that makes it illegal to ski without a helmet is another.

BRO readers, what do you think? Should helmets be mandatory at our resorts?

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