Go OutsideCross Country Ski at Canaan Valley

Cross Country Ski at Canaan Valley

Ah, spring. When a young man’s fancy turns to love, or so they say. Though it is only mid-February, spring is in the air this week with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine throughout the region. Not only that, Valentines Day is today with its forced amorism and contrived merriment aimed at trapping males in an endless heart shaped chocolate box arms race. Regardless of what you think about V-Day, it is an opportunity to celebrate those you love and who love you. Women deserve attention and to be pampered. That makes this week, and this weekend, a big one for most of the boys out there, so don’t blow it. Lucky for us, this weekend is also President’s Day weekend and if you are really lucky, you get Monday off. It would be easy to head out into the woods for a long weekend of whiskey and bullhonky with the boys at the hunting cabin, but convening the He-Man-Woman-Haters Club on this particular weekend would leave you with a lonely heart and a cold bed. Don’t be a moron, and take your lady – or man – on a romantic winter getaway this weekend.

With snow in forecast for Saturday, hitting the slopes would be an easy call…but the wrong one. Unless you have similar abilities skiing with your loved one can be more of a chore than a romantic outing. The couple’s ski outing has broken more hearts than Wilt Chamberlain, and in less time. Better stick to something less intense, like cross-country skiing. Nothing says romance like a casual tour into the snow covered woods.

Head to Canaan Valley Resort in Davis, W.V. this long weekend. They have 20km of trails open, and a healthy base, plus rental equipment and lessons for first timers.

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