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Cyclocross Nationals

Photo courtesy of USA Cycling, picture shows Scott Paisley on the podium at 3rd place.

This past weekend was Cyclocross Nationals in Wisconsin, and the best of the best from across the nation made the trip North to battle it out for the podium. If you are not familiar with this high intensity cycling sport, basically riders race a set course on road bikes with wider knobbier tires and a bit different geometry. Races usually last 45 minutes to an hour, and traverse obstacles such as barriers, sand pits, stairs, and steep hills.

Three top notch riders from the Blue Ridge had performed well enough this season to earn a spot at Nationals. Fred Wittwer, Ron Huebner, and Scott Paisley battled it out and brought home the bacon. Fred was 2nd in the 60+ race, Ron was 3rd in the 50+, and Scott was 3rd in the 55+. Full USA Cycling results can be found here.

These results are incredible, and show that the Virginia Cyclocross series put on by Sean Yeager packs a punch. We want to wish these riders the best of luck as they head to Louisville, Kentucky to battle it out at Cyclocross Worlds. This is a huge achievement for these riders and goes to show that the Blue Ridge is home to quite a lot of talented athletes!

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