I am sure the day will come when I will want to have an extra five-minute cushion (or fifteen, for that matter) in the marathon world. But now is not that time. In fact, this weekend in Vermont, I am hoping to run a solid training run in preparation for my upcoming Ironman 70.3. Maybe I am trying to outrun time. Perhaps I refuse to accept the inevitable aging process gracefully. Or maybe I just want to set goals that seem hard to attain because that is the point of goals in the first place. Declaring I want to do something after I have done it, or cloaking a goal in secrecy or even saying I hope I can do something which is easy, all seem quite pointless to me. Yet the age thing pokes through with every random gray hair I pluck.

Then again, it really doesn’t matter what my age is actually. I don’t see me growing up anytime soon.