Environmental Buzz: Skiing with Eco-Wax, Environmental Racism under Biden, and EV Superbowl commercial

Photo: General Motors released its Super Bowl ad starring Will Ferrell advertising the automaker’s hope for an all-electric future.

An Eco-Friendly Ski-Wax Company gets Funded on ‘Shark Tank’

MountainFlow Eco-Wax founder Peter Arlein is helping prove that the business world is catching on to consumer demand for a healthier environment. Earlier this month, he stood in front of the “sharks” of the ABC reality show Shark Tank in a full ski kit to pitch his simple yet brilliant idea: a plant-based, petroleum-free ski wax that doesn’t leave behind harmful chemicals in the snow, as traditional waxes do. He walked away with $300,000 and two new ski buddies/business partners after selling 20 percent of his company to investors, Barbara Corcoran and Kevin O’Leary. 

While on the show, Arlein explained the impact that petroleum and fluorocarbons, commonly found in ski wax, have on the waterways near ski resorts, as well as the recent fluorocarbon wax ban in ski racing. In 2016, Arlein began his journey to provide a simple and eco-friendly way to improve the skiing experience. Now after striking a deal at Shark Tank, MountainFlow has charged ahead and is starting to dabble in the cycling industry as well, adding a plant-based bike grease and bike wash solution.

“We’re excited to expand our line of eco-friendly waxes,” the company states on their website. “Our hope is that every skier and rider will make the choice to use a product that works great and is more friendly to our mountain playgrounds.”

Biden Signs Executive Order to Address Environmental Racism 

On January 27th, President Joe Biden signed an executive order that promises a governmentwide approach to the disproportionate pollution burdens that largely affect communities of color. The order plans to guide the country towards net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 with a new council that focuses on environmental justice, a significant increase of clean energy, and clean water funds to communities that bear disproportionate pollution, and more

“We must deliver environmental justice in communities all across America,” the order says. “To secure an equitable economic future, the United States must ensure that environmental and economic justice are key considerations in how we govern.”

A similar order was signed in 1994 by former President Clinton. Though It fell short in achieving some of its larger goals, it inspired new avenues to take in Biden’s order. If implemented correctly, Biden’s order would generate jobs, address climate change, and work towards equality. 

ICYMI: General Motors Hilarious Super Bowl Ad Touts New Electric Vehicle

Fans of eco-friendly cars saw something to cheer for while watching the Super Bowl. During the big game, General Motors ran an ad for their new electric vehicle (EV) with Will Ferrell as the wacky spokesperson, encouraging 45-million people tuned into the Super Bowl to buy an EV. The commercial comes at a time where emissions from transportation are the largest source of climate pollution in the United States and automobiles are the largest net greenhouse gas emitter on the planet.

It also comes at a time where Norway is vastly ahead of the United States in attempting to end the sale of gas-powered vehicles altogether. Electric cars make up 54 percent of the market share in Norway while it only makes up 10 percent in America. Will Ferrell addresses this in the commercial and gets filled with jealousy as he jumps in his General Motors EV and drives off to try and change it. 

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