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Everyday is a Ski Day

While most of us in North America are getting giddy about the upcoming ski season (Snowshoe is getting more snow today!) there’s one guy who’s been running laps on big mountains in the Southern Hemisphere all year long. Greg Hill is a professional ski mountaineer who’s spent the entire year logging massive vertical ski runs in order to ski a total of two million vertical feet in a single year. The guy just hit the 1.5 million vertical feet mark, and still has a few months left to go before time runs out on his quest.

My quads turn into balls of useless rocks after three laps on our Southern resorts, and this guy is putting together back-to-back 10,000 vertical foot days. And he’s not using a lift. And he has 50 pounds of gear on his back.

Let’s put the two million vertical feet goal in perspective. That’s the same vertical feet accumulation you’d get from climbing Everest three times a month…every month…for a year. Or climbing each of the Seven Summits 14 TIMES.

I don’t know why, but all of a sudden, I feel pretty lazy.

Follow Greg Hill’s accomplishment here.

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