Coggins Farm, a 169 acre tract of land just a few miles from downtown Asheville, is slated for residential and commercial development. Kept largely undeveloped and bordering the forests of Warren Wilson College, it features a mix of pastures, long stretches of Bull Creek, fertile bottom lands, and mature woods that provide a home to many native medicinal plants and wildlife. The Warren Wilson College trail system borders the property, and it has long been cherished as a scenic oasis.

Coggins Farm has been in the same family since the founding of Buncombe County. Recently, the owner of the property decided to sell the land to developers, but the community is rallying to rescue the land. They’ve created the Coggins Conservation Project, which aims to create a sustainable agriculture center on the property instead of subdivision. It will present its plans to the public tomorrow, May 7, at 7 p.m. at the French Broad Food Co-Op in downtown Asheville. Learn more here.