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Feelin’ a Fresh Bike

There’s something about riding a new bike that makes a girl just downright giddy. Not that I got a new bike, but I did borrow a demo from the bike shop…a really squishy one at that.

Of course it was last year’s S-Works FSR, so I can hardly wait to try next year’s. Riding a bike without a floppy front derailleur was quite the treat, as was the ability to slip into any desired gear in the back without clanking, grinding and dropping the chain. It seems that no matter how good or bad you are at maintaining the bike, at some point the suspension doesn’t squish the same and new cables can only do so much. Maybe it’s the constant stress from climbing, falling off of mountainsides, and boinging down large rocks that slightly tweaks the entire frame. Although I admit that replacing the whole group can make it really nice for a short while.

As for the suspension—well it was a good few inches squishier than what I’m used to, causing explosive take-offs out of the turns and off of high berms. Jumping over logs took a lot less effort, allowing me to land gracefully without sounding like the Tin Man. I think I had to use the brakes a whole lot more because it was so easy to go too fast. Although I believe there is such a thing as too much squish when it comes to technical climbing. The back end was like a slinky as I struggled up babyheads resting in loose gravel. It made me grateful for the easily adjustable suspension.

Although my legs were worked by ride’s end, my heart was sad to bring the bike back. I guess I’ll start saving my allowance.

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