Field Test: The Big Kat Buggy

Here at Blue Ridge Outdoors we’re always looking for the next best way to haul our gear back and forth from the campsite, festival setup, beach, etc., and with the new and innovative Big Kat Buggy, we’ve found something that’s hard to beat.The Big Kat Buggy is a recreational cart that attaches to the hitch of your vehicle for easy and convenient transportation of all your outdoor essentials. The rugged design allows users to transport a maximum amount of gear to tough-to-reach destinations with ease.

While testing the Big Kat Buggy, we quickly realized that it was tailor-made for a wide variety of outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re gearing up for a leisurely day on the beach, a rockin’ music fest, a surf fishing adventure or the ultimate car camping excursion, the Big Kat Buggy will make your experience more successful and enjoyable every single  time.One of our biggest takeaways from our time testing the Big Kat Buggy was the ease with which it attached to and detached from the trailer hitch of our vehicle.

The convenience of this process really cuts down on valuable time you would otherwise spend making multiple trips to and from your ultimate destination—eventually freeing up time for more important and enjoyable pursuits.

The Big Kat Buggy was invented by an avid outdoorsman who also owns a successful trucking transport and hauling company. After being frustrated with the lack of options on the market for carrying outdoor gear and accessories in a highly efficient manner, Kevin “Big Kat” Rackleff decided to build his own.

Initially, Rackleff envisioned the product as a “little red wagon,” but on a grander scale, which could hitch conveniently to a vehicle. It needed to be easy to use, and most important, it had to be made with quality and safety in mind.

“It had to be an option that could bring more joy and less hassle to outdoor activities,” Kevin said. 

After two years of extensive research and development, Kevin had the Big Kat ready for the market, and it is now available at select retailers for $399.99.Some of our favorite features on the Big Kat Buggy were the built in bottle opener, the rugged, go-anywhere tires, the large deck that allows for the maximum amount of storage and transport, the fishing rod holders and the secure cargo net.

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