These days, outdoor shops are full of great packs for multi-day adventure. So much so, in fact, that it can be nearly impossible to find a pack that’s just right for you. Here at Blue Ridge Outdoors, we’ve had the opportunity to test copious packs over the years,  but few have exceeded the features or all-around versatility of the Maven series packs from Gregory Mountain Products.

New for 2017, the Maven series includes 65, 55, 45, and 35 liter versions. For trips exceeding two days, we would recommend the 55 liter version, not only for the extra space but for the added features that the pack offers.

Those features include a rain cover,—an item that usually requires a separate purchase—a bladder sleeve that doubles as a day pack, and the much-heralded Aerolon suspension system.

The Maven 55’s SideKick Day Pack


When pack weights get heavy—which is inevitable, let’s be honest— the Aerolon suspension system on the Maven 55 may save you a trip to the chiropractor with its four inch span of torso adjustment. It also uses a customized lightweight aluminum chassis design to deliver much improved ventilation and load stabilizing trail performance.

Other features include an internal divider that doubles as a top flap for lidless use, removable bottom straps that can be used as a hip belt on the SideKick daypack, and a quick-stow feature on the shoulder strap for attaching glasses.

Whether you’re logging big miles on the Appalachian Trail during an extended thru-hike or just out for a spur of the moment, one-night backpakcing adventure, the extremely lightweight Maven 55 will make save your back while making your backcountry experience more enjoyable overall.

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