Go OutsideHear This: Glossary - Feral Fire

Hear This: Glossary – Feral Fire

Feral Fire marks the sixth album release from Murfreesboro rockers Glossary. There is an authentic garage band spirit to Glossary, and the band plays with a gritty honesty that comes from over a decade making great, under-the-radar rock and roll music on its own terms.

For Fans Of

Drive-by Truckers, Bloodkin, Lucero

Prime Cut

“The Sweet Forever” – Acoustic guitars, pedal steel, and haunting harmonies punctuate this examination of this life and the next.

Choice Words

“So scrape together all of your pennies

Put on your favorite dress

And meet me down in the old part of town

For some excess

And Odelia, honey, I can’t say

What’s waiting for us up above

All I know is Southern girls are sweeter

Cause they’re full of Jesus’ love”

—From “Save Your Money For The Weekend”

On Stage

Glossary is on tour through much of February with Memphis rockers Lucero.  You can see them in Charlottesville at the Jefferson Theater on February 20th and in Charlotte, NC, at the Visulite Theater on February 23rd.

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