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Head for the High Country

This could be you this weekend. Photo: Kristian Jackson

This weekend marks the first weekend in March, always an awkward time for the outdoor enthusiast because it is so hard to have any solid plans. It could be 65 degrees and sunny, it could be 20 and snowing, or it could be 33 degrees and sleeting/raining/hailing/tornadoing/brimstoneing. You could be fishing in short sleeves on Saturday and building an igloo in the backyard on Sunday. You never can tell, and even the weathermen grasp at straws during this erratic time. But, those same weathermen are predicting cold temperatures and some snow this weekend, so we have to take their word for it, right? It may be March, but this weekend could be the last chance to experience true winter conditions in the Blue Ridge, so don’t miss the opportunity to send Jack Frost out with a bang.

Head for the High Country and get your kicks on the snow-covered trail. Whether you cross country ski, snowshoe, telemark, or just hike in huge, waterproof boots, getting out into the woods when the snow is flying is one of life’s great pleasures – just you, the trees, and the ghost of your breath in the wilderness. What could be better?

Our favorite spot to get out into the backcountry is Roan Mountain, the hotspot for Nordic skiing and snowshoeing in the Southeast. From Carvers Gap you can access the summit observation tower at Roan High Bluff. This makes for a lovely ski tour or snowshoe hike with views to spare at 5,700 feet, the perfect ending to a not so perfect winter season.

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