Go OutsideHealthy Tip#36728: Shake the Leaves

Healthy Tip#36728: Shake the Leaves

This week’s healthy tip is to reach out to those distant branches, find the time to hang out, and shake the leaves of the family tree.

With the holiday season fast approaching now is the time to start calling up the relatives and getting plans together. Forget the decorations, fruit cakes, and advertisement commercials, no matter what holiday your celebrating this winter, it is the time to assemble amongst the snowbanks and firewood, and it is the time to be together.

Blood may be thicker then water, but as I seem to grow older, I see less and less of my family. Maybe that’s were the expression comes from. Because no matter the distance, the time in between, or the water that seperates, your blood and your family, the people that will always be on your side, they will always be glad to hear you are coming for a visit.

Stay warm, say hello to the family for me, and keep playing


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