Go OutsideHealthy Tip#98461: Chop Some Wood

Healthy Tip#98461: Chop Some Wood

Sharpen your axe, get out the ole’ chopping block, and follow this week’s health tip by chopping some wood.

The steady motion that follows the swing of your axe. Chop! The underlying meditation behind repetitive motion. Chop! Staying warm before the fire is lit. Chop! Idle soreness disappearing as your muscles flex and blood flows. Chop! And suddenly you have a nice pile of hard-work stacked neatly before you.

Maybe it’s my secret yearning to be a lumberjack, or the glowing fire to follow, but chopping, splitting, and creating firewood has always been a welcomed chore. It’s work with a purpose, it’s work with a result, and it’s work for the body. And in this day and age, there should be nothing more gratifying.


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