Photo Courtesy of Friends of the Muir Valley

Whether you already know and love the Muir Valley of Rogers, Kentucky or have yet to experience it, this Saturday will be the perfect opportunity to show this natural wonder some love. On November 8, come on out to the Friends of the Muir Valley Benefit at the Land of the Arches Campground to spend time in one of Eastern America’s best sites for climbing, hiking, and simply soaking in a beautiful landscape.

Named after John Muir, climber extraordinaire of the 19th century, founder of the famous Sierra Club, and outdoor preservation hero, the Muir Valley occupies over 400 acres of Kentucky land and features sandstone cliffs renowned across the country for their size, beauty, and top-notch climbing quality. It’s an incredibly accessible window to the world of outdoor sports: climbers and hikers of all levels can enjoy the scene, and admission is completely free. But because the area does not have an entrance fee or any other regular revenue source, the Muir Valley needs a little help from the people that care about it.

This benefit event will support the Friends of the Muir Valley, a group that works to raise money for the yearly operating and maintenance expenses that the Valley requires. The society is also working towards obtaining ownership of the Muir Valley, and truly making the Valley the property of its people. At the Friends of the Muir Valley Benefit, with only a $5 donation, you can help the Valley thrive.

You’ll also have the opportunity to meet two determined climbers well on their way to making outdoor sports history. Mark and Janelle Smiley, a married couple intent on completing the “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America” will be available at the benefit to explain their experiences, talk about what the Muir Valley means to them, and enjoy the fun right along with you. The Smileys have already climbed forty-four of the fifty top routes across the country, and are on track to be the first to meet the full challenge.

Join these accomplished climbers, as well as everyday outdoor enthusiasts, to appreciate the Muir Valley and give back to an irreplaceable natural gem.