There are so many places in which to travel that it’s often difficult to decide just where to go! We know it’s hard so we’ve put together a short quiz to help you choose. Don’t forget to write down your answers!

Who is most likely to accompany you on a trip?
A.) A group of friends
B.) Significant other
C.) Your trusty animal companion
D.) Trail guide
E.) Children

You are on a retreat with many planned activities. What do you sign up for?
A.) Hiking and biking the local trails
B.) Water activities like canoeing, SUPboarding or kayaking
C.) Fishing the local waters
D.) Ziplining or climbing
E.) Massage and pampering
F.) None, you prefer to relaxing on the beach with a cold drink in your hand

When dining on a trip you prefer to:
A.) Stick with chain restaurants
B.) Explore the local hangouts
C.) Choose a restaurant with a view
D.) Expand your palate with cultural flavors
E.) Dine in and prepare your own meals from the ingredients you purchased at the local food stand

When you go on vacation you want to:
A.) Come home in one piece, so you plan to stay close to your lodging
B.) Get off the beaten path, and maybe do something not completely safe
C.) Do something crazy

Your drink of choice is:
A.) Craft beer
B.) Whiskey
C.) Wine
D.) Mixed drink

During what season do you most like to travel?
A.) Spring
B.) Summer
C.) Fall
D.) Winter

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