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Honey Stinger Nutrition

We were 16 miles into a 20 miler and it was looking bleak. Silence had overtaken the running group, tensions were high, and it wasn’t looking good. But then a beacon of hope appeared…in the form of Honey Stinger.

Most of us can relate to the scenario from this past week I am describing. You get out into the woods, you’re having fun, and then all of a sudden in a matter of moments it can get very Donner party-esque. Packing snacks is as important as packing your helmet on a bike ride, you need them to have a good time.

The times of PB&J and apples are gone, not saying I don’t love that all American classic, but let’s just say there are some options out there now and boy are they tasty. One such company is Honey Stinger, who offers up waffles, bars, chews, and gels to ensure things don’t get dog eat dog out there on the trail.

I have been a longtime fan of their waffles, so when Honey Stinger sent me a box of their chews, gels, and energy bars I was eager to get out and give them a try. Since then I have tried them on everything from 45 minute runs around town, 5 hour mountain bike rides, and 20+ mile trail runs, and I can truly say they rock.

Let’s start with the Blueberry Buzz Energy Bar. Don’t be alarmed when you unwrap it, let’s just say it’s not the most appealing looking bar I have every dove into. The disappointment stops there, because after you take your first bite you will be singing its praises. They are delicious, end of story. Honey Stinger had the foresight to add a yogurt coated bottom that really rounds out the fruity blueberry flavor quite nicely. Good taste is not the only thing Honey Stinger has up its sleeve though, as this bar is packed with 23 vitamins and minerals, calcium, 5g of protein, 30g of carbs, and the whole thing is 30% honey so it’s got sugar as well. With that much packed into each 170 calorie bar you will be able to go farther, faster, and longer. Last compliment to the bar is the packaging; it was easy to open both on and off the bike, a crucial thing for our cycling fans out there.

Moving on now to the Honey Stinger Energy Chews, or should I say ORGANIC Energy Chews. Yep, for those of us who like to watch what we put in the tank Honey Stinger has you covered. I was sent a variety of flavors (Orange Blossom, Pomegranate Passion, Pink Lemonade, Lime-Ade, and Fruit Smoothie) and all of them tasty heavenly. Each package comes with 10 chews which pack 160 calories in total. They have 1g protein and 1g of fiber, not to mention your recommended dietary allowance of Vitamin C per package so they do the trick. Also, I have tried other chews and none have been as soft or as easy to open packaging wise as the Honey Stinger.

Honey Stinger Organic Chews
Tasty, pack a punch, yep the Honey Stinger Organic chews are spot on.


Last but not least we come to the Honey Stinger ORGANIC Energy Gels. You heard right these gels are organic, another plus for our conscious eaters out there. I was sent all three flavors available (Vanilla, Acai Pomegranate, Fruit Smoothie) and just like the bars and chews they were mighty tasty. Nutrition wise they pack 100 calories, 50 mg of potassium, and a host of other things that will keep you going. Packaging was spot on and the tops were easily ripped off which is critical when it’s all that stands between you and the summit.

So at this point your thinking okay how much stock has Chase bought in Honey Stinger, but I can honestly say these are some of the best “workout” food items I have ever had. I have been riding and running for close to a decade now so you name it I have probably tried it. Honey Stinger has nailed it with their Blueberry Bars, organic chews, and organic gels. They taste good and pack the punch to keep you going. Also, I know palates change between people so on group rides and runs I handed out quite a few samples and the result was always the same “hey dude you have any more of those?”

Bottom line you should go stock up on Honey Stinger food before your next adventure. They are affordable (bars are $1.69 a piece, chews are $2.19 a bag, gels are $1.35 a packet), taste incredible, in the case of the chews and gels are organic, and they keep you going when times get tough.

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