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I don’t think there is any other place quite like Boulder, CO. If you stand still long enough you can almost see leading progressivism happening right before your eyes. No matter what you come to Boulder to pursue, chances are you’ll find it. The accessibility to any mountain endeavor from Boulder is world-class. Though everybody has come to the same conclusion, and Boulder is busy, it’s still one hell of a place to experience. Here’s a list of some of our favorite things to do and places to eat in Boulder.

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Boulder County has 38,336 acres of public land that is open for the public to utilize. 40 acres of that is Chautauqua Park. Chautauqua Park is home to the infamous Flatiron Mountains, which, like shark fins, jut from the beautiful grasslands below. If you are a trail runner looking to get the lungs acclimated to the altitude, a class 4/5 scrambler, or simply a day hike, then you came to the right place. Run up Green Mountain, cruise over to Bear Mountain on a beautiful saddle, and run the Mesa Trail back to the ranger cottage.

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If you’re looking to scramble, I’d recommend climbing the 2nd Flatiron first to get a feel for some unroped exposure and then branch out to the 1st and 3rd Flatiron as you gain confidence. Rope up if you wish. Each Flatiron offers a different, unique challenge and is a great way to prepare for some of Colorado’s fourteeners that have a scrambling component to their summits. There is a lot to climb and awesome opportunities for interesting link ups. Chautauqua is the most accessible adventure you could find. It offers so much potential and provides an exhausting amount of challenging terrain that it makes for excellent training grounds for any trail runner or person looking to push themselves without having to leave the city. Get there early in the morning or later in the evening to beat the crowds.

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The Adventure Lodge is the answer for any nomad looking to get a great night’s rest and still have easy access to Boulder’s recreation scene. These rustic, yet modern accommodations are simply terrific. Asa and Kris, the owners of “A-Lodge,” encourage guests to ask questions about trails, climbs, and fishing holes. The A-Lodge is situated beautifully on Four-Mile Creek and within walking distance to Boulder Creek. You can access downtown Boulder via the greenway in minutes or be climbing in Boulder Canyon. Asa and Kris are looking for folks interested in the outdoors, who harness community and seek adventure.


Though we ate at a lot of Boulder eateries, it’s safe to say we didn’t even scratch the surface of what the city has to offer when it comes to food. But if you are looking for a dandy diner scene for breakfast, we have two recommendations. Foolish Craig’s Café and the Village Coffee Shop are two of Boulder’s classics. Both have intimate dining spaces, hustle-bustle diner feel, and exceptional breakfast options. We don’t take breakfast lightly, so take our word on this one! Pizzeria Locale has incredible wood-fired pizzas that are extremely satisfying to devour after a long run or intense yoga class (we like Yoga Pod for the latter). If you visit Boulder, you must go to the Dushanbe Tea House next to Boulder Creek off of Canyon Blvd. Unique architecture coupled with an amazing backstory make this eatery an incredible spectacle and an outstanding place to get dinner.

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