How to: Have an Outdoor Wedding on a Budget

Dear Mountain Mama, 

My fiancé and I love the outdoors. We both love Asheville and want to get married in the mountains. But we disagree on whether to elope or invite guests. We are on a modest budget, but we want to create magical memories of the start of our lives as newlyweds. Can you help with a compromise?


Love Bird

Dear Love Bird,

With the Blue Ridge Mountains, the French Broad River, dozens of nearby creeks and lakes, your options to get married outdoors are limitless. Love Bird, it sounds like you’ve met your nature soul mate. But sometimes even with our soul mate we disagree about important issues, including whether or not to invite guests.

What about starting off your marriage on the right foot by compromising? How about planning an outdoor wedding along a secluded creek? You and your mate could raft down and a few of the people your fiancé couldn’t imagine not being at your wedding could join you at the ceremony site.

Lucky for you, companies like Asheville Adventure Weddings cater to folks just like you. The founders, both local outdoor junkies, will listen to your vision of a perfect wedding and then create it. Whether you desire to get married perched on a mountaintop with a star-studded sky as a backdrop or on the side of the river with a waterfall in the background, they can make your wedding dreams realty. The company caters to intimate wedding parties, whether it’s a bride and groom wanting to elope in the wilderness or a few of the couples’ closest friends.

So Love Bird, find a quiet time to talk to your sweetie, and over a bottle of wine share your visions for your wedding. Together you can create a celebration of your love just as unique as the two of you.

Here’s to happy nuptial planning!


Mountain Mama

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