I believe in seeking professional help when you need it.

I do not engage in any of the following alone:

  • Eye brow waxing
  • Tax Filing
  • Electrical work
  • Running Races
Yes. I require professionals to help me run. Its true. The nice folks at my local running store helped me years ago with my first few 5k races. This Spring my paid professional friends helped me run my first 10k. Ever since the 10k, (May) I have been lacking in athletic fervor. No really. I realized a sad fact about myself. I need help. Encouragement. Paid friends to run with me on weekends and say “great run ya’ll, see you next saturday.”
So today I signed up for a few more months of group running, encouragement and love, from well meaning running store employees. I had to. Without these nice people, I have not been running. Bad. So I had to join in, again. We are going to run a 1/2 marathon. It may or may not be the hardest thing I have ever done, but with 20-30 strangers who are as needy as I, we may succeed.
It is ok to be needy and require professional help. I know my job depends on folks needing assistance every once in a while. So please, don’t judge me or the fact I can’t get my tail on the trail without help. Paid help. Group, professional help.

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