Its not that I don’t know how to run. The class is successful because it meets a need. Running with others provides encouragement, and allows me to be my better self. This isn’t a brand new idea as Ultra Runner John Coctostan (no way – is that really his name – AWESOME) wrote about the same thing in this month’s BRO. My guess is, the same is true for you. Ultra Runner, or not, you would probably work out more, and enjoy it more with a friend.

You would ride, run, swim, golf, paddle, climb, or pack more with friends. If you do these things often, it is likely you do not do them alone. But what if you are just starting out? What if you want to run, swim, golf, paddle or pack but don’t know anyone else to join you? Joining a formal class is not always an option — but thankfully, there are ways to find the community we need around the activities we love.

Start, online. Look for clubs with open events, meet-up groups, events in your local paper. Ask colleagues, friends and loved ones – “I am looking for a group to canoe with but I don’t know of anyone. Do you have friends that Canoe on weekends?”

It is not weakness that we need oneanother. It is simply human nature.

So on May 28, after my short, squat legs have taken me over 6 miles and I am red, tired and proud, I will  give a short speech in my head. It will start with a thank you to the nice people who helped me get there. I will acknowledge that I couldn’t do it without them and I will be grateful for this lesson learned. I will also feel proud and strong that I have achieved something great. Maybe more proud that I didn’t do it on my own.






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