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If I Had a Boat…

For anyone who was at the Charlottesville Pavilion last night, the words “If I had a boat,” probably make you think of ponies…or tall men with black pants.

But for those of you who may not be Lyle Lovett fans (and we will speak more about Lyle later), when you hear those words, you may actually think of a floating vessel made for water travel.

Many of my friends, loved ones, and others have recently expressed to me their desire to have, own, and use a boat of some kind.

My husband and his friend want a sailboat.

My Dad and his friend have a large fishing boat.

A female friend of mine said the other day she would like to captain a sailboat around the world with her husband and 1 year old for a year.

A friend from church just bought a kayak.

And frankly, of the many recent boat conversations I have had, I can really only get excited about the kayak. At least in a kayak there are no computers, nothing to break, or rust. Nothing that requires a mechanic or steering wheel.

A kayak generally involves you, the occupant, close to the water, paddle in hand, room for little else. Peace, rest, and adventure are all possible, but only as you chose.

When I think of the larger boats, I think about cleaning them, the costs of upkeep, equipment etc., and quickly become disinterested.

But a kayak—I get that. Even here in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, I understand the desire to have something you can take on rivers, streams, lakes, or oceans and bays when you travel. I understand the solitary nature of the sport, and the blessing it brings to be alone on the water, eye level with the critters that live on the bank.

But could I be missing something? Could my prejudice be stopping me from enjoying something truly wonderful? I would be grateful to hear from any boat converts. What do you love about boat ownership that I am missing?

If I had a boat, would I experience something so wonderful, so magical my life would seriously be better, different, enriched?

And for those of you who don’t know about Mr. Lovett, his sound, his style, or his boat, let me introduce you. I promise the next boat you go on, you will wonder to yourself whether there is room for a pony. And if not, I think you will ask yourself whether or not you wish you had a boat.

Mr. Lovett, live in Charlottesville

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