Information overload

Lastly all the running blogs out there can be overwhelming. There are some really good ones and yes some helpful information can be acquired by reading what some of the professional bloggers have to say. Blogs need to be taken for what they are and not to be a means for changing your running and expecting great outcomes. Personal blogs are the ones to be the weary of the most, especially those bloggers who are at the elite level of running. These are often just personal insights as to what works for them and not really based upon documented proof. I’ve seen many runners latch on to these personal elite running blogs and believe every word that is on “speedy’s blog” is right for them. Many times this leads to an injury or blaming the brand of shoes or worse yet lamenting that running is just not right for them.

If something is not working well for you or you want to improve your running the best advice is to look within your past running history. Taking small and gradual changes will reduce the trial and error timeline and hopefully avoid an injury. Resources such as a good coach, listening to experts at running specialty stores, and a daily running journal where you type/write down lots of information, are some of the best options in my opinion. I’ve made many mistakes in my running over the years and although I still like to hear my fellow runner’s opinions I try to be careful to avoid the “information overload”. I like to think I’ve come full circle and will be a smarter runner as I get older.

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