Instagram Takeover: Brittany Scales

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This month’s Instagram Takeover features Asheville-based photographer Brittany Scales. You can find her on Instagram at @b.skurs. Like most of the photographers featured in our Instagram Takeovers, Brittany draws her inspiration from time spent exploring the Blue Ridge Mountain region. Because she was born and raised in Western North Carolina, she brings a long-held and unique perspective to our daily Instagram feed that we’ve come to look forward to.

“Photography is a passion of mine that is constantly surprising me with feelings of wonder, and growing up in the Blue Ridge mountains has allowed me to creatively explore this sensation,” Brittany said. “Behind every ridge, in every flowing waterfall and stream, there is a newfound sense of awe.”

Check out some of Brittany’s work below and give her a follow on Instagram for your own daily dose of Blue Ridge eye candy. 01-asheville

“My hometown, and my inspiration. I never quite realized how lucky I was to grow up in Asheville until I picked up a camera and started to capture it.”


“It’s scenes like this that make waking up to a sunrise over the Blue Ridge mountains worth it every single time.”img_8660-1

“After hours of driving through torrential downpour, we finally arrived in Shenandoah National Park to this. Worth it.”


“Golden Hour in Shenandoah National Park looking like a scene out of a movie.”


“A drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway in the fall will take your breath away.”


“Sunlight beaming through the trees on a foggy Blue Ridge morning.”

[divider]A Short Q & A with Brittany[/divider]

BRO: How did you cut your teeth in the world of outdoor photography?
BS: I was fortunate enough to grow up in these mountains, so capturing them came pretty naturally. The first time I picked up a camera and hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway, that was it. I love being able to share what I see through my lens with others, hoping to encourage the same appreciation for the natural world that I’ve gained over the years.
BRO: Where do you take most of your photos?
BS: Definitely anywhere and everywhere off the parkway. As popular as it is, the opportunities are endless. But I am always striving to find new places to explore.
BRO: 5 favorite trails in the Blue Ridge?
BS: Let’s see! Rough Ridge, Art Loeb through Black Balsam and Tennent Mtn, AT through Max Patch, AT through the Roan Highlands, and Catawba Falls probably top the list, but I have oh-so-many more to discover.
BRO: What’s your favorite outdoor activity when you’re not taking photos?
BS: Hiking with the pups! But to be honest, if I’m outdoors, I’m probably taking photos 🙂
BRO: Is there one piece of gear, aside from your camera, that you won’t go into the field without?
BS: An extra battery! Nothing’s worse than seeing the perfect shot, and not being able to capture it (though I’ll admit, the iPhone’s not done a bad job in a pinch.)

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