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Our Instagram Takeover for the month of January features Brevard, North Carolina native and all-around cycling junkie Daniel Sapp, AKA @d_sapp1. Daniel uses his mountain bike and the trails of Pisgah, DuPont and other Western North Carolina recreation areas as key tools for sharing the beauty of the Blue Ridge with his growing Instagram audience.

“I don’t really go searching for photos in particular,” says Daniel. “Things I have photos of are just part of my standard day. I make a point to get outside and live life.”

By the looks of his Instagram account and the photos he shared with us for this takeover, we’d say Daniel is doing a pretty good job of that. Check out photos from some of his recent adventures below, and read our Q & A with Daniel at the bottom of this post. Pisgah Fly Fishing.A slick rock sunrise in DuPont State Forest. A Sunrise over the Great Smokies. 

Exploring the Trails of Black Mountain. Getting to know Graveyard Fields. 

[divider]A Q & A with Daniel [/divider]

BRO: How long have you been taking photos?

DS: I recently found some old pictures I took on a disposable camera from when I went to camp as a kid  and that was about 17-18 years ago so I’d say about 17-18 years.

BRO: What kind of equipment are you using?

DS: My go to that I use 90% of the time is the iPhone 6…it’s ultra portable.

I also have a GoPro hero 4 that I use at times and I would consider my mountain bike a key instrument in finding and getting to rad views.

BRO: Do you live in the Blue Ridge?

DS: Sure do, East Brevard, NC.

BRO: What’s one piece of outdoor gear you can’t live without?

DS: My mountain bike. No question.

BRO: If you could only recreate in one state park, national park, national forest or wilderness area for the rest of your life, what would it be?

DS: Pisgah National Forest. I grew up recreating there, live there, and it has always held a sense of “home” for me. It has a wealth of recreation opportunities and a really great community of people.

BRO: Tell us about your craziest experience while out shooting photos or just out in the woods in general.

DS: It’s a pretty long list- the first that comes to mind is running into a fella on a horse way out in the forest while I was on my bike, hours from anything. I don’t know what was more bizarre, the fact that he had a horse where he did, that he was dressed in clothing that appeared to be from the 1800’s, or the conversation that ensued. I was happy to point the bike downhill and get going, too many things just didn’t add up.

BRO: What is your all-time favorite outdoor pursuit?

DS: Mountain Biking with some good friends. Couple it with a good swim in a creek or river on a warm summer day and that’s a hard to beat combination.


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