Instagram Takeover: Elyse Clark

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This week we’re handing over the reigns of Instagram account to Virginia photographer and Blue Ridge Mountain explorer Elyse Clark. Elyse is a graduate student at Virginia Tech working on her Ph.D. in water quality. In her spare time, she says she enjoys hiking and using photography to share the beauty of the Blue Ridge. Stay tuned to our Instagram account all week long for a daily feature of Elyse’s work!

When you’re out taking your own adventure photos, don’t forget to use the hashtag #myblueridge. You could be the next to take over our account.

Elyse1Foggy fall day atop Barney’s Wall in Giles County, Virginia.

elyse2Sun rays highlighting the fall colors on Brush Mountain, Virginia. 

elyse3Mystical trees at Rock Castle Gorge, Virginia. 

elyse4Cool and crisp fall day on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. 

elyse5Stormy day atop Bald Knob in Giles County, Virginia. 

BRO: How did you get into photography?

EC: I got my first camera in high school and soon discovered that I enjoyed being able to reduce the whole world down to one single frame. From that point I was inspired to keep working at trying to effectively portray a scene and the way I see it to others through photography.

BRO: Where did you discover your passion?

EC: Since I was a kid, I’ve always been an outdoors person and spent all of my free time outdoors. Therefore, once I got a camera,the subjects that made the most sense to me to photograph were those most familiar to me-the outdoors.

BRO: What kind of photography do you specialize in?

EC: Landscape photography. Specifically of our beautiful Blue Ridge region.

BRO: How long have you been shooting?

EC: As a casual photographer, since high school. As a more refined and serious photographer, about a year.

BRO: If you could only choose one area in this region to hike and explore and photograph for the rest of your life what would it be?

EC: I would have to stick to what I know and say the Roanoke region. However, I’m also particularly fond of the Boone area.

BRO: One piece of gear (minus your camera) you wouldn’t head into the woods without?  

EC: My Sawyer mini water filter- as a safety precaution.

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